Notice of the annual general meeting

DNK Annual Meeting 2024

The annual general meeting of DNK will be held on Wednesday 29 May 2024 at 12:00 (CEST) at Rådhusgata 25, 0158 Oslo, Norway.

Notice of the annual general meeting 2024

DNK Annual Meeting 2024

Date:Wednesday 29 May 2024
Time:12:00 (CEST)
Location:Rådhusgata 25, 0158 Oslo, Norway
RegistrationMonday 27 May 2024 to


  1. Opening of the general meeting by the Chair of the Board
  2. Appointment of person to chair the meeting
  3. Approval of the notice and the agenda
  4. Election of an individual to co-sign the minutes along with the chairperson
  5. Presentation of the activities of the Association by the Managing Director
  6. Approval of the annual report and accounts for 2023
  7. Approval of the auditor’s remuneration
  8. Approval of amendments to DNK’s Articles of Association
  9. Election of Board members, Chair and Vice-Chair to the Board
  10. Election of members and Chair of the Election Committee
  11. Approval of remuneration to Board of Directors and Board Sub-committees

Oslo, 15 May 2024
Board of Directors of DNK
Mons Aase, Chair of the Board

We kindly ask you to exercise your voting rights prior to the meeting and/or grant a proxy to the Chair of the Board, Mons Aase, or to another member.
Please return the enclosed attendance/proxy/voting note within Monday 27 May 2024 to


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