Raptor - Tracking

DNK Digitalization.

DNK now offer Members of the association sensor technology for all vessels covered by DNK, enabling a two way, secure data connection with vessels worldwide. The Raptor antenna is free of charge and free of use for DNK Members. DNK will use the antenna to secure automatic collection of premiums in war risk areas, and to enrich our security offering.  All members with Raptor antenna will be released of the legal obligation, and workload associated with reporting calls and transits through areas with additional war premium. In addition, the antenna opens a range of opportunities for DNK members to strengthen the digitalization process in the maritime domain.


The unit communicate via dedicated satellites, providing members and DNK with updates from the vessel every 7th minute. The unit can also be programmed to report according to Members specifications, via the Clearwater/DNK portal, which all Members with Raptor units will have access to. The system cannot compare with AIS, and is not supposed to replace AIS reporting.


For further information, please contact anders.hovelsrud@warrisk.no


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